Here’s What You Could Have Run

Ep25: You could have been running The Track 100. Mike did. And won it!

October 27, 2020

If you’d finished an ultra in A&E on a drip would you go back for more?

If you’d DNFd more 100 mile events than you’d finished would you try again?

If your PB was two hours OUTSIDE the cut-off would you toe the line of a track 100 miler?

Mike did when he took on the 25 Hour Track 100 by Mark Cockbain Events.

Mike did finish. He did better than that. He smashed it. With a measured approach and self confidence in buckets he went on to win and secure a Spartathlon qualifying time.

This is a long episode as his tale is one worth covering, and hopefully encourages you to dig deep next time you struggle!

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